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Upcoming in 2024:

o   The American Lung Association's Fight for Air Climb - May 19th

o   Climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania with Team World Vision – July 21 – Aug 3.     

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o   Run the Detroit Free Press International Half Marathon with Team World Vision Detroit - October 20

My continued path forward:

My aim is to continue targeting all of the known Hallmarks of Aging with all of the presently known and available interventions, as well as to STOP the unnecessary and unwitting acceleration of aging due to societally-accepted practices, such as, but not limited to:

and to continue working to stay strong, flexible, and with good spatial balance in order to stay youthful, sharp, vibrant, fit, and healthy for as long as is truly humanly possible, until the age of my natural death.  

In other words, to age well -- as well as is humanly possible -- which can be far better than we've learned to accept.

My parents were each able to live to the age of 89, despite not exercising, being relatively sedentary, not eating properly, smoking and drinking. They also battled various cancers and diseases for their last 25 years of life.  

I don't desire my healthspan to expire before my lifespan. My aim is to make them as equal as possible. My expectation is to live at the very least to the age of 95 in terrific shape (because I am continuing to put in the necessary work now), if not well-past the age of 110, God willing.  

Advances in health & anti-aging sciences are coming very quickly now, and even more will be coming over the ensuing 40-50 years that hold the promise of extending lifespan & healthspan even further.   

As long as I'm able to continue learning, growing, and contributing, while experiencing love, connection, and adventure to the fullest, then I'll remain up for the challenge of sticking around!

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